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BIFMA Certification
Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association

What Is BIFMA?

BIFMA, or the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association, is a non-profit organization that was formed with the purpose of creating voluntary standards that would promote safe working environments. That is, BIFMA produces standards that specifically apply to institutional and business furnishings and also lobbies for legislation that will continue to make office furniture safer for workers and consumers.

You can feel confident in the fact that any piece of BIFMA-approved furniture will help promote a working environment that is functional and healthy. When such an environment is promoted, there is likely to be an increase in productivity and a decrease in work-related injuries or accidents as a result. Workers are sure to feel safe and inspired. While some furniture that is not BIFMA-approved is still technically safe.
BIFMA Standards Include Safety, Sustainability and social responsibility, Durability and strength, Recyclability, Reliability, Overall quality, Flammability and electrical components and Environmentally conscious design.

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Benefits of BIFMA Certified Furniture

There are many benefits to selecting BIFMA certified products besides safety, such as:

  • The peace of mind you get knowing you have purchased a high-quality and carefully tested product
  • BIFMA certification ensure a durable and long-lasting product that will last many years
  • These products promote a healthy work environment, which can increase productivity and decrease work-related injuries.
  • Most BIFMA certified products carry a warranty of 5 years or longer
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