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Compliance Certificate

What is CE Marking (CE Mark)?

CE marking is the roadway to get the pass for the European Market and build your brand image internationally. The letters ‘CE’ appear on many products traded on the extended Single Market in the European Economic Area (EEA). They signify that products sold in the EEA have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

Manufacturers play a vital role in ensuring that products placed on the extended single market of the EEA are safe. It is their responsibility to carry out the conformity assessment, set up the technical file, issue the EU declaration of conformity and affix the CE marking to a product.CE marking also supports fair competition by holding all companies accountable to the same rules. It is therefore important to ensure the product fully complies with all relevant directives, legislation and codes of practice within your industry.
However, not all products must bear the CE marking. Only those product categories subject to specific directives that provide for the CE marking are required to be CE-marked. CE-marked products are bought only by professionals. It’s important to be aware of the fact that a CE stamp does not imply that a product was made in the EEA. A mark of European conformity means that it has been assessed and passed environmental, safety and health requirements that the EEA has set in order for a product to be sold in the EEA.

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The advantages of CE Marking are :

  • Businesses know that products bearing the CE marking can be traded in the EEA without restrictions.
  • It indicates a product's conformity with the "essential requirements" of the directives.
  • Allows products to be placed in the European market.
  • Ensure the free movement of goods.
  • Allows the withdrawal of non-conforming products by customs and enforcement authorities.
  • Consumers enjoy the same level of health, safety, and environmental protection throughout the entire EEA
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