# USB Crypto Token – 250/- EXTRA. ( Individual Class-3 DSC)

Benefits of Digital Signature Certificates

Time Saving

Saves a lot of precious time as the signing of documents can be done remotely.

Budget Friendly

Similarly, it is pocket friendly as it saves on the cost required for printing the documents and then sending them via courier.


DSC is an integral aspect that helps in reducing the digital carbon footprint by mechanising the process.


Most importantly, DSC enhances the security and authenticity of the documents with the feature of encryption.


  1. Income Tax
  2. GST
  3. MCA 21
  4. EPFO-Online Transfer
  5. Form 16/16A Signing
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  1. E-tendering
  2. E-Auction
  3. E-Bidding
  4. E-Procurement
  5. E-Ticketing
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  1. DGFT
  2. Import Export code (IEC)
  3. License Filing
  4. Return Filing
  5. Name Change
  6. Address Change
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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Certificate (or Digital ID as it is sometimes known) is the electronic commerce world’s analogue of the passport. It is a credential issued by a trusted authority that binds you as an individual to an identity that can be recognised and verified electronically by other entities.
One widely-used tool for privacy protection is what cryptographers call “symmetric” or “secret key” encryption, so named because a single, shared encryption key is used to both encrypt and to decrypt information.
Anyone who wants to be able to access their company systems such as network shares and intranet sites securely using an iPAD or iPhone.
Currently the primary, and only, purpose of the TMDCS certificate is for secure access to your company network.
Trustis provides digital certificates from specialist secure facilities. The facilities and services it provides are approved and/or externally audited to ISO 27001
You cannot specifically backup the certificate but if you have set your device to back up to iCloud or to a local installation of iTunes then your certificate will be backed up as part of it.
Goto Settings – General – Profiles and select the certificate you wish to check. If it states Verified then your certificate has been installed correctly
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